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Get glamorous eyelashes with Longcils Boncza!

Longcils Boncza was launched in the US with its unique Cake Mascara, the forerunner of mascara as we know it today. Now, Longcils Boncza is offering long lasting mascaras for every type of lashes, whether they are short and stiff or wispy. We are presenting them in-depth right here!

Created in the 50’s in response to cinema high standards, The Cake Mascara doesn’t flow and flake. Its brush makes your lashes extremely curved and voluminous.

The So Mythic Mascara is perfect for short and stiff eyelashes. Its double action paddle brush coat every single lash for a maximum length. Its formula is made with 3 waxes to get additional length, shine and comfort.

Madame Longcils is the ideal mascara for wispy eyelashes. Its fiber conical brush has a really small tip that enhances precision on application and deploy the shortest lashes.

The Lash Extender is a lash expander that you use between two layers of mascara. Made with nylon fibers, it will give you an instant lash extensions effect!

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