Take good care of your nails...

Vitry has created a line of care products of the highest quality and effectiveness, this promise is a reality. 

Our nail care products...


You want smooth and shiny nails?


Vitry's PERFECT'ONGLES is an easy and effortlessly way to get a manicure at home. 


As no nail polish is needed, the shiny effect last way longer!


Your nails will be ready within a few minutes by following these 3 simple steps: 

1- File your nails with the grey roller head

2- Smooth and buff  your nails with the blue roller head

3- Polish your nails with the blue roller head

Beauty tips : Use the PERFECT'ONGLES for a maximum of 5 seconds per nail with each roller head, once every two weeks. 

Do not use on thin and damaged nails. Stop using the product immediately in case of irritation


Your nails are damaged, split or brittled?


The VITRY  NAIL REPAIR CARE PRO'EXPERT is the effective solution to strengthen your nails. 


An amazing 6 in 1 formula : 

- strengthens

- repairs

- hardens

- protects

- anti-ridges

- hydrates.


For nice and healthy nails, for good!



Your nails are damaged, split or brittled?


The VITRY  NAIL REPAIR CARE is the effective solution to strengthen your nails. 


The nails are more resistant and nicer after only 2 weeks of application* 


*test carried out under dermatological control on 20 subjects during a 4 weeks period with applications every 2 days. 

The VITRY NAIL REPAIR CARE is available in: 




Beauty tips : The VITRY NAIL REPAIR CARE is used in a 2 weeks cure.  

Protect your cuticules with the VITRY NOURISHING NAIL AND CUTICULES OIL ; apply the NAIL REPAIR CARE on clean and varnish free nails.
Renew the application every 2 days while making sure to remove the previous products between each application with the VITRY SOFT NAIL VARNISH REMOVER. 

Keep out of reach of children - contains 2% of formaldhyde - in case of hypersensitivity, immediately stop its usage and consult a doctor. 



Its exclusive Sensitive formula enriched with 74% of bio-sourced active ingredients helps repair, strengthen and protect nails. THE SENSITIVE REPAIR CARE is the ideal treatment. Adapted for sensitive nails, it helps recovering their health and beauty*.

 *test carried out under dermatological control on 20 subjects during a 4 weeks period with applications every 2 days. 

Beauty tips : The SENSITIVE REPAIR CARE is used just like it's 2 previous products. It offers the same amazing results; stronger, healthier and whiter nails. The difference? It's formula is adapted for sensitive nails! 

Keep out of reach of children - without formaldhyde - in case of hypersensitivity, immediately stop its usage and consult a doctor. 


Your cuticles are dry and hard?


VITRY NOURISHING NAIL & CUTICLE OIL is enriched with grapeseed oil and vitamin E which helps to maintain cuticle suppleness and to help restore natural shine and essential moisture of nails. 

VITRY NOURISHING NAIL & CUTICLE OIL helps to prevent ridges from forming during the regrowth of nails: It is perfectly adapted for dry and ridged nails. 


Beauty tips : Use as a daily treatment. Apply VITRY NOURISHING NAIL & CUTICLE OIL  on the outline of the nail and massage delicately. To easily repel your cuticles, use the VITRY CUTICLE PUSHER.



Your cuticles are still dry and hard ?


This easy-to-use pen, with its felt tip, releases the exact dose of product needed to hydrate and nourish your cuticles, while repeling them easily.

Its  formula, enriched of a cocktail of nourishing oils, rapidly softens your cuticles. 

Beauty tips : Massage and repel the skin around your nail with the oil soaked tip.
Use in any circumstances.

FIZZING NAIL SPA 20 tablets of 3g.

Your nails are yellowed and stained ?


Vitry has the solution for you, a delightful care that comes in the form of fizzing nail tablets that work in a flash. 

Your nails will be white and healthy again, your fingers purified and cleaned, your cuticles softened, all due to the antiseptic action of tea tree oil and the whitening effect of  lemon essential oil. 

Beauty tips: Dissolve 2 to 3 tablets in 100 ml of lukewarm water and soak your hands for 5 minutes (do not use for more than 10 minutes). Rince your hands. 

Repeat twice a week for 4 weeks.  

External use only - Contains Hydrogen Peroxide - Keep out of reach of children - Do not use for any other purpose other than it is intended.



Your nails are damaged or bitten ?


Specially for you, Vitry has developed its ANTI-BITE NAIL VARNISH, harmless but with a strong bitter taste.  

The bitterness of the formula is water resistant and prevents children and adults from biting their nails and cuticles.  

Safe for children over 3, it's a nice trick to help stop thumb-sucking. 

Beauty tips : The VITRY ANTI-BITE NAIL VARNISH is used as a conventional varnish.

Use it everyday on nails clean and dry. 

For optimal results, apply the VITRY ANTI-BITE NAIL VARNISH once a day while making certain

of cleaning your nails between each application with the VITRY SOFT NAIL VARNISH REMOVER.

This product can be used alone or with nail varnish. 



Your nails are short and don't grow ?


The VITRY NAIL GROWTH SERUM,contains Kerastim which naturally helps strenghten

and lengthen your nails. 

Nails appear longer and nicer after only 1 month of treatment*. 
* Tested on 6 people during 1 month. 

The VITRY NAIL GROWTH SERUM is also recommended after removing artificial nails to revitalize and help the growth of your natural nails. 

Beauty tips : Every night, apply one drop of VITRY NAIL GROWTH SERUM on clean and varnish free nails;  help the serum penetrate by massaging your cuticules in a circular mouvement in order to activate the blood flow. Wash your hands the next morning. 



How to turn your nail varnish into a matte colour?


The secret to turning any glossy nail varnish into a matte colour in a few seconds. 

The VITRY MATTE TOP COAT transforms the colour of any nail varnish into a smooth matte finish and improves its shock resistance and hold. 

Beauty tips : Apply the VITRY's BASE n°17 to protect your nails followed by 2 coats of

VITRY OXYGEN varnish and let dry, then apply the VITRY MATTE TOP COAT for a smooth matte finish. 



The secret for a perfect manicure?


Thanks to its thicker film, the VITRY TOP COAT GEL LOOK creates a volumizing effect on the nail with a protective shield and gel-like finish. 
The VITRY TOP COAT GEL LOOK enhances and maintains colour longer while giving nails a miror-like shine. 

Beauty tips : Apply VITRY TOP COAT GEL LOOK after nail polish and let dry for a perfect

gel-like result. 


BASE & TOP COAT  N°17 4 ml

Your varnish does not hold and your nails take a yellow tint?


Use the  VITRY BASE & TOP COAT n°17  as a base coat under all of your nail varnish to facilitate the application and maintain the colour longer.  
Its formula prevents yellowing nails, working as a shield protecting the varnish from damaging your nails. 

It is also used as a top coat to cover your nails of a shiny defensive film. 

Beauty tips : Do not forget this essential step before applying your nail varnish. 



Your nails are ribbed ?


The VITRY RIDGE FILLING BB BASE was specifically created to fill the ridges, smooth the nail's surface and fix imperfections. 
Its formula, concentrated in silicon and enriched with vitamins A, C and E, protects and reinforces the nails day after day. Its subtle matte finish gives an impeccable natural result. 

Beauty tips: The VITRY RIDGE FILLING BB BASE creates a perfect base for the application of nail varnish. 

For optimum results, use the VITRY nail buffer to make the nails smooth and shiny. 



You have dull and yellowing nails ?


With one application, the VITRY WHITENNING CC BASE optically whitens the nail surface. The milky white formula enhanced by bluish reflects for an instant brighter natural and healthy look.   
This base brings back the natural aspect and shine to your nails. The concentration of silicon included in this product protects and strengthens nails day after day. 

Beauty tips : Apply the VITRY WHITENNING CC BASE alone on your nails or as a base for nail varnish. 

Do not forget to use the VITRY TOP COAT GEL LOOK for the finishing touch. 

MAGIC' SPRAY 150  ml


Your nail varnish takes too long to dry ?


The VITRY MAGIC'SPRAY being colourless and without alcohol is a true essential for your manicure.  It insures a quick dry of your nail varnish while adding shine and glow for irreproachable results. 

Beauty tips : After the application of your nail varnish, use the VITRY MAGIC'SPRAY directly on your nails, spraying from a distance of 15 cm. Wait 2 minutes and renew the operation.

Use short pressures, no extended sprays.

Can be used between 2 layers of nail varnish.

Avoid contact with eyes. 


Your nail varnish still takes too long to dry ?


It takes just one drop of VITRY LACQUER DRYING DROPS 2 in 1 to improve drying nail lacquer, while nourishing the cuticules thanks to the lotus extract included in the product. 
Your nails will be brighter and your nail varnish more resistant. 

Beauty tips : a dropper is incorporated in the bottle in order to ease the application. 

Easy to use, after the application of 2 layers of your nail varnish and favourite VITRY TOP COAT, wait 1 minute and apply 1 drop of VITRY LACQUER DRYING DROPS 2 in 1 on each nail.


No more need for cotton balls !


The VITRY MAGIC'TOUCH foam is soaked with non-acetone nail polish remover that instantly gets rid of your nail polish. 

Beauty tips : Soak your finger into the VITRY MAGIC'TOUCH nail polish remover. Turn your finger in the foam to remove the nail polish. 


It is recommended to wash your hands after use. 
Keep out of reach of children – very flammable.



Remove your nail polish without leaving a trace !


Vitry has developed this non-acetone, extra soft nail polish remover enriched with sweet almond oil, just for you: it easily removes all nail varnish without drying the nail or leaving white traces.

Beaty tips : Apply a small quantity of nail polish remover on a cotton ball and clean off varnish from the base of the nail to the tip.

It is recommended to wash your hands after use. 
Keep out of reach of children - very flammable. 


Traces of nail varnish on the outline of your nails ?


This easy-to-use pen, with its precise tip soaked with non-acetone nail polish remover, helps to easily correct varnish smudges.

Your varnish application will be impeccable and your nails spotless. 

The VITRY NAIL VARNISH CORRECTOR PEN is sold with 3 extra pen tips in order for you to keep on using your corrector pen longer. 

Beauty tips : To change the extremity of the pen, simply remove the used tip and replace with a new one.  

Our accessories...


Accessories for life, that's a guarantee!


Experts in beauty since 1795, Vitry makes you benefit from its historic know-how and expertise in beauty care accessories. 

Vitry became a pioneer by proposing the first manicure-pedicure accessories in pharmacies. It is also to them that we owe the invention of the disposable razor blades.





Say goodbye to yellowing or damaged nails! 


Thanks to Vitry, you can provide the best care to your nails.

Choose from more than 60 trendy colours of long-lasting nail varnishes offered in mini sizes for you to take them everywhere!


Bottles of 4 ml 



Our nail varnishes...

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