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No more yellowing nails!

No more damaged nails!


Thanks to Vitry, you can provide the best care to your nails.


A long-lasting range of varnishes offered in more than 

60 vibrant colours!!


Offered in mini sizes for you to take them everywhere!


Bottles of 4 ml


At last, a varnish that allows your nails to breathe

Ultra-resistant varnishes that respect the health of your nails...

 Pure & vibrant colours


Extreme hold and shine

- A thin brush for an ultra easy, precise application. 

- A refined formula for a gentle product.

0% Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP (Phthalates), Camphor, Colophony Rosin and Nickel

Transform your nails, even the most fragile

Beauty tips for an extra long-lasting manicure: 


Step 1 - Apply a layer of VITRY BASE & TOP COAT Nº 17; 

Step 2 - Apply a first coating of nail varnish, very delicate;

Step 3 - Apply a second  coating of nail varnish, this time a little thicker;

Step 4 - To protect and to prolong the varnish, add a layer of VITRY BASE & TOP COAT Nº 17, TOP COAT GEL LOOK or MATTE TOP COAT.


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