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The Kajal, a new MUST for eye makeup


The Kajal is born from its ancestor, the indian khôl. This traditional product has been used for thousands of years as both make-up and eye care. The Kajal is a little different because of its composition. Made from coal ghee, beeswax, vegetable oil and camphor, the Kajal has more oil and can therefore be applied comfortably as a pencil. The beauty result is almost identical as the khôl but the Kajal is way more practical.


How to use it?

The new Kajal from Vitry is simple to use and offers you multiple choices of looks. First, always apply the product from the inside to the outside of your eyelid, starting from below your eye. On the outside, be creative and stretch the top and bottom line to form a « V ». This will create a perfect «almond eyes» look.

For a «smokey eyes» style, you only have to gently blur the Kajal with one finger. This will recreate this intense look you were looking for.

For a more discreet but remarkable eyes, apply the pencil on your closed eyelids. Always keep an angle holding the pencil so it preserves its conical shape. Don’t worry about pain or irritations, our Kajal is soft and will always keep your eyes safe.


How to choose the perfect colour?

Vitry offers you 3 trendy Kajal colours : black, navy and brown.

We recommend that you choose depending on your eye’s colour.

Blue eyes

Our brown Kajal would be your best accomplice. This colour fits perfectly with your eyes. Blue and brown create the prettiest contrast, always smooth and natural.

Brown eyes

Lucky you! Brown eyes suits with almost every colour. However, we have a preference with the black and brown fit. Black is always a safe and good choice. It will structure your look for a classy and trendy style.

Green eyes

Your green eyes will be fabulous with our navy Kajal. Dark blue remarkably accentuate your green iris for a more intense look.


Is your choice made? Visit your pharmacy today and ask our Kajal to your cosmetician. A single make-up pencil for different looks, it’s a must !!

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