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3 Vitry products for a professional and home-made manicure !

We appreciate the results of a beautiful manicure after a session at the salon. Our nails seem terrific, strong and the colour last. However, those results are temporary. After a couple of visits at the salon, nails tend to turn yellow and brittle.

And if we told you that it is possible to do your own manicure with products that protect and take care of your nails, while giving you the same results a salon would offer you ?

Well, it’s true ! Here are 3 steps from Vitry for a DIY manicure that will meet your salon expectations, without its inconveniences!


Step 1 – Ridge filling BB Base

After neatly cleaning your nails, apply one coat of our Ridge filling BB Base on each nail. This product has been specially designed to hide the imperfections of your nails, fill the streaks and thus create a smooth surface.

Also, do not worry about damaging your nails with frequent use. On the contrary, the formula of our BB Base is enriched in silicon and vitamin A, C and E which will strengthen and protect your nails without compromise!

Once everything is dry, proceed to the next step.


Step 2 – Vitry Varnishes

Choose your favourite colour from our varnishes. Attract attention during an event with our Bordeaux varnish or match it with your favourite outfit. For a more out-of-the-box look, get inspired by trends of the season, Nail Art, and be creative !

The formula for our varnishes is unique. Not

only does it meet your expectations (long lasting colour, brightness, etc), it is specially made to let your nails breathe. They won’t ever get weak, unlike other varnishes that tend to trap nails and create this unwanted yellowing.

Depending on the chosen varnish colour, two layers may be required for a perfectly unified colour. If this is the case, apply the first coat and allow to dry before applying the second one.


Step 3 - Top Coat Gel Look

The third and final step is the most important to achieve the glossy and bulging look of the nail, comparable to the professional results you’re looking for. Our Top Coat Gel Look require a single layer. All you have to do is let it dry for a couple of minutes and you’re done !


3 simple and quick steps for a home-made and professional manicure. And this with only 3 products that’ll take good care of your nails, without yellowing or brittleness.

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