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The 3 Nail Repair Care from Vitry, for healthy and strong nails!

The Nail Repair Care from Vitry is by far our most known and appreciated product. Why? Because it offers fast and durable results! Your nails become stronger, healthier and prettier in only 2 weeks.

However, did you know that there’s not only 1 but 3 different Nail Repair Care products? Each one will offer you the same great results you’re looking for? That’s true! Vitry offers you choices, including a new must!


1. Nail Repair Care - Original formula

The Nail Repair Care formula strengthens your

nails when used as a 2 weeks cure. It treats damaged, split or brittled nails so that they become strong

and beautiful again. To this day, our product is

#1 amongst the nail care products, it’s your turn to try it!

If you like a little « glossy nails » look, this Nail Repair Care shiny finish is an the ideal choice. This beauty touch will fit all styles and colours!

2. Nail Repair Care - Matte finish

You’re looking for the same results but prefer a more subtle and natural look? Chose our Nail Repair Care matte finish! Offering the same formula benefits as the shiny finish original formula,

this nail care will be invisible on your nails.

It’s subtle look is ideal for men that want to take care of their nails without attracting attention.

​3. NEW - Sensitive Nail Repair Care

Here is our new famous product!

It’s formula, enriched with 74% bio sourced ingredients,

is a perfectly adapted solution to treat sensitive nails. If varnishes, polish remover or products from

other companies damage, weaken or break your nails,

protect and strengthen them with Sensitive Nail Repair Care!

It’s formula contains not only 4 active ingredients: Vitamin E, keratin, arginine and Tea tree, but also several raw materials from plants: Cotton, potato, corn, wheat and cassava.


Whatever the choice you’ll make, the cure is the same. Apply one layer of Nail Repair Care on your nails and renew the application every 2 days. Make sure clean your nails between every application, repeat for 2 weeks and see the difference!

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