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Fabulous eyelashes in only 1 month!


Your eyelashes are thin and sparse? Mascara can temporarily help you create some volume, but did you know that a better and long lasting solution exists? A solution that can bring REAL changes to your eyelashes.

The Vitry Toni’Cils Serum contains a formula especially created to accelerate eyelashes growth. Within only 15 days, you’ll see unbelievable results:

40% thicker

136% more volume

43% longer

One month cure

Add a new step to your night routine! Before going to bed, apply 3 layers of Toni’Cils Serum on dry and clean eyelashes. Continue this routine for 30 days, every night, to insure remarkable and long lasting results.

Two active ingredients

Panthenol : slows eyelash drop loss and improve growth.

Peptide of matrix origin : stimulates the tissues of the hair bulb to strengthen the root of the eyelash.

How can we achieve such results?

Clinical tests have enabled us to validate the effectiveness of our Serum. On a period of 30 days, 30 women tested our product and the results were more than positive!

It’s your turn to do the test and give your eyelashes volume, length and thickness, as you’ve always dreamed of!


For an even more fabulous beauty result, structure your look with our Vitry Tweezers, guaranteed for life. Our new Mode in France collection, with colourful patterns and fun quotes, will be available in stores very soon. Be the first to try them!

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