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Get smooth and shiny nails, without nail polish!

Looking for an easy, quick and effective way to get your nails professionaly done at home? Vitry just launched THE product you need! The Perfect’ongles is a nail buffer and polisher that makes your nails smooth and shiny with no effort. Moreover, no nail polish is needed!

3 easy steps

Begin with the grey roller head to file, continue with the blue roller head to smooth and buff and finish with the white roller head to make your nails shine. Besides, the product is supplied with 5 heads, which means you get 2 in extra ;). It only takes a few seconds per nail for each roller head and it is all set!

A long lasting result

As the nail is directly polished, it stays shiny way longer! You don’t even have to allow time to dry, your manicure will be ready instantly.

Incorporate to your beauty routine

The Perfect’ongles can also be used to prepare the nails before applying nail polish to make them smooth and colorful. For only 35 $, you will get value for money! Available in pharmacies.

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