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Beauty and face care in one product!

Have you heard about Longcils Boncza? Well, it’s a cosmetic line that was redeemed by Vitry at the beginning of the 2000’s. The brand was created by DR. Boncza in the 50’s in order to respond to cinema standards. Besides, he launched the famous Cake Mascara, a compact mascara in which women spat to obtain an emulsion… but now, we just use water and it’s fine ;).

An hypoallergenic line

Longcils Boncza is a short hypoallergenic line that combines care and beauty; its products are concentrated in active ingredients and were created for the most sensitive skins. You don’t need to deprive yourself from your favourite allies to give your face a break anymore! With Longcils Boncza, you’ve got everything you need to complete your makeup, from the most natural to the most extravagant.

The brand is now available in the province of Quebec, at any Familiprix Extra. We invite you to visit their Facebook Page because they give away one product every week. For more details, visit:

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